We are a team of mothers who have decided to make an eshop for gadgets for our children. We are fresh mothers, and we have been looking for the best for our children. We all know the situation where we want to make everyday life easier for both children and ourselves. There is nothing worse than when your baby's teeth start to grow and you don't know how to help him, or when you want to give him a taste of fruit, but the baby is still too small.

That's why we got a unique pacifier on the market, which you will of course find among our products. Do you know the feeling when you have to force your child to sit down when he wants to drink? Now you can throw it behind your head.

Your child can drink carefree from all angles and upside down with our smart bottle. Are you worried if they will have a restaurant where you want to go to eat a chair for your baby? Don't do it, take your chair straight with you.

with our folding chair you will take perfect care of your child at home and abroad. When we go out, we often ask ourselves questions like: Where will our child eat, how will I make him food outside, what will I feed him, what will I put it in. we had had enough, and together we embarked on a project with a child outside. The project includes products such as a baby spoon bottle, then a snack maker and a backpack in which you put everything you need. Go out carefree with our gadgets for your child.

Enjoy a clean environment without unnecessary mess with our bowls - UFO bowl and safety dinnerware set. We put all this together. We did it to relieve the daily stress and hustle of child care. Now you can say goodbye to unnecessary worries and you can start enjoying your time together with the baby.



- With love, our Mommy team. ♥